OCPC Meeting Info

Next meeting: June 2024. Exact date TBA. Sign up for emails for more details.

Location location location – Lobby of urology office (OC Urology logo on building)

1801 N Broadway

Santa Ana, CA 92706

Click here for directions courtesy of Google Maps 

Close to the 5, 57, and 22 freeways.  Ample parking in rear. Lots of chairs!!! You don’t have to stand around unless you want to.

Pens for sale, Ink sample station, food, and pen people

We will have multiple tables and different areas to congregate based on interest.  The ink area will definitely be a permanent feature, with samples to take, vials, droppers and labels.  Please bring inks to share with others.  Another area will have pens for sale. Everyone is welcome to bring items for sale.  Food, snacks, etc for sharing are always welcomed by everyone!  

Don’t forget to sign up for club emails!!!

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Pizza and snacks!!!

There will be pizza, cold water, plates and napkins.  A contribution of $5 (or $7, or $10…..) to cover the cost would be appreciated.

Other snacks and beverages would be appreciated, but we will have to be surprised by generous members who bring food and drinks to share. Someone bring a cooler full of ice to put the drinks in!!!