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If you would also like to join the So Cal Pen Club

The Southern California Pen Collectors Club is the oldest club in the country, and many penthusiasts are members of both the OC Pen Club and the So Cal Pen Club.

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There is a new pen show in our area. The inaugural show was a huge success. Check in with The California Pen Show California Pen Show (capenshow.com) for updates about the 2025 show

Our club was featured in the Summer 2022 edition of The Pennant, the official magazine of the Pen Collectors of America.

About The Orange County Pen Club

We are a group for pen enthusiasts of all kinds who want to meet up in Orange County California.

Calling all fountain pen users in Orange County California!  Calling all fountain pen collectors in Los Angeles County!  Calling all fountain pen enthusiasts in Riverside County California!  

Seeking fountain pen collectors from Orange County CA, the greater LA area, Los Angeles County, Long Beach California, Riverside County looking for a fountain pen club or fountain pen collector group.  Our fountain pen club is easy access for all Southern California fountain pen collectors, users, and enthusiasts.

In to new fountain pens? Inks? Vintage fountain pens? Calligraphy?  Fountain pen collecting? Vintage fountain pen restoration?  You will fit in great!  

So what’s the deal?

Our meet-ups typically involve lots of sharing of pen collections, passing of ink samples to take home, good conversation, food and drink, and sometimes a trade or two. There’s no pretension, and even if you don’t own any fountain pens you’re welcome to join us and try out some things to see what you like!

There are no membership requirements; all are welcome.

Come to an event/meeting/casual hangout!

We all share interests in writing instruments, especially FOUNTAIN PENS, both vintage fountain pens and modern fountain pens. Our meetings might include a presentation and we always have lively discussions on fountain pen usage, fountain pen collecting, trading, buying and selling, tall tales of acquisition, plus fountain pen repair and restoration techniques.

Join Us!

To actually JOIN the OC Pen Club you can come to our next meeting.  Just show up!  So far there are no dues and no obligations for members. So send us your email and we will send you a note about upcoming get togethers, meetings, activities, or whatever we might be up to.

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Meetings of the Orange County Pen Club, a group for fountain pen users and a group for fountain pen collectors in Orange County are a great place for Orange County fountain pen collectors and Orange County fountain pen users to buy, sell, or trade both vintage and modern fountain pens, and also a great place for fountain pen lovers to share or trade ink, paper samples, or discuss anyway we connect ink to paper.