A new pen enthusiast / fountain pen collecting group in Orange County

Next Meeting November 2, 2019


Fountain Pen Day Weekend!!!

In honor of Fountain Pen Day November 1, we will meet November 2.

What will be happening??

Firstly, we will definitely set  up more tables, and create more areas to help different interest groups do their thing!   We hope to have an ink area, an area with pens for sale, a place for people to share their pens with each other, etc.


There will be pizza, cold water, plates and napkins.

Other snacks and beverages would be appreciated, but we will have to be surprised by generous members who bring food and drinks to share.

Raffle prizes!!!!

Courtesy of "Raffle King" Greg Minuskin of Greg Minuskin Nib Retipping and Fountain Pen Repairs.

At our last meeting, he gave away 6 prizes! Great odds that you could win!  Prizes included Esterbrooks and Sheaffers (including a boxed set).

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Location location location

Central OC. Close to the 5, 57, and 22 freeways.  Ample parking in rear. Lots of chairs!!! You don't have to stand around unless you want to.

Click here for map and directions.

Inaugural Meeting - September 7, 2019

Great turnout!


We had new pens, vintage pens, ink fans....  and a promise of paper samples and a "guess the ink" setup for a future meeting

Matthew did some nib shaping


Our budding nib mechanic and Japanese pen expert brought his talents to the meeting.

Greg with his Raffle Scepter

Raffle King Greg Minuskin brought great prizes!  Come to the next meeting to win!

Raffle King Greg Minuskin brought great prizes!  Come to the next meeting to win!

Local "pen celebrities"


The organizer of the LA Pen Show, Chris Odgers,  came and updated us on the new date and location for the show.  John, our Pelikan Hub master was and active friendly presence at the meeting. World Famous Nib Guy Greg Minuskin wielded the Raffle Scepter.  

Shout out to the L A International Pen Show!!!!

New hotel this year! Bigger ballroom!  This is always a great show. It is our local show and you have to go at least one day!

Click to Find out more about the LA Pen Show